Please read the booking rules below carefully. Every booking, after its confirmation, has the value of a contract according to the Italian law in force. The contract is binding for those who make the booking and for all other subjects mentioned in the same, including minors.

Following the request you will be sent an offer (non-binding). The reservation is to be considered confirmed only after our written communication showing the total price of the stay and after the payment of the deposit, to be made within 30 minutes from the time of the request. If the payment is not made within the required time, the reservation is intended as null.
The reservation becomes binding for Mascharter Marine & Services only upon receipt of a copy of the payment receipt of the confirmation deposit or credit card data on which to make the authorized withdrawal.

Send a copy of the payment by e-mail or written communication (

At this point, Mascharter Marine & Services will endeavor to send the customer an e-mail, confirmation sms or summary voucher to be presented at check-in. Booking confirmation implies acceptance of our cancellation and deposit terms. We kindly ask you to check the accuracy of the aforementioned confirmation and inform us of any anomalies as soon as possible. The communication must be received no later than 1 day after receipt thereof. After this term we decline all responsibility for any inaccuracies.
Upon arrival it is mandatory to present an identification document for each person.
To make changes to the reservation it is necessary to contact the office staff, who will do everything possible to satisfy the request. However, we cannot guarantee the fulfillment of this request. If the booking is moved towards a period for which the price is higher than the amount paid, the customer is required to pay the difference.

DEPOSIT via pre-authorization:

Mascharter Marine & Services reserves the right to withhold a deposit of € 300 upon arrival of the customer requesting a preauthorization at the circuit of belonging or in cash. With the pre-authorization / deposit, Mascharter Marine & Services guarantees the temporary availability of the amount to insure against any damage suffered by the vessel as per the contract signed on the day of rental / leasing of the vessel. NO AMOUNT IS RECEIVED. The pre-authorization expires automatically after 20 days from the requested date and the amount is released. In case of pre-authorization with negative result the customer will be notified and the reservation will be canceled. In this case the rental will have no obligation towards the customer.


For the booking the full amount is required which will be charged with the following possibilities:

on the credit card via pos at our tourist office in chiavari box 45
by Bank transfer
in cash at our office in chiavari marina in box 45
requesting a preauthorization to the belonging circuit by credit card number and expiration date
The entire amount is refundable ONLY in the case of marine weather conditions considered dangerous by Mascharter Marine & Services (eg: sea in poor condition, rain). In this case, Mascharter Marine & Services will contact you as soon as possible and inform you of the situation, asking you to postpone the rental / lease or return the full amount. Please refer to your booking confirmation.

Cancellation Policy

Any cancellation of reservation NOT DUE TO MARINE WEATHER CONDITIONS DUE TO ADVERSE DAMAGES BY MASCHARTER MARINE & SERVICES must be communicated in writing and as soon as possible. The Mascharter Marine & Services will arrange to find a replacement for your booking, in case of a positive outcome the difference in the amount will be deducted (eg: reservation for day rental from € 200 cancellation for personal reasons, found replacement for half a day at € 150 , Mascharter Marine & Services will reimburse you € 150 of € 200) in the event of a negative result, the entire sum of the booking will be withheld.

The direction

for more info +39 345 7640579